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United Kingdom REITs
Private Rented Accommodation Sector - (PRS REIT - UK - Residential)
Friday, 05 May 2017 19:57
In mid-2017 Sigma Capial announced plans for a £250m IPO of Private Rented Accommodation Sector / PRS REIT with the Government lined up to take 10% via The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), with a focus of investing in family homes in the private rented sector, especially along the new HS2+3 lines to Birmingham+Manchester, and in towns and cities across the UK close to transport links. Sigma PRS Management, a subsidiary of Sigma Capital Group, will be the company's investment adviser. The PRS market was projected to grow to 25% of all households by 2020 or from £25bn in 2017 to £50bn in 2020 and £70bn in 2022.
LXi - (UK Diversified LXI)
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 22:01

LXi  was launched as a blind REIT in February 2017 raising £200m to invest in a diversified portfolio of UK property with 20+ yrs unexpired terms and underlying residual value (but not direct development), including: offices; retail; leisure; industrial; distribution; hotels; serviced apartments; affordable housing; student accommodation and a focus on 'growth sub-sectors' such as discount retailers; budget hotel operators; and “last mile” distribution units fuelled by online retail. The Investment Advisor is owned by Osprey Equity Partners.

LXi website link

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Civitas Social Housing - (UK - Residential)
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 19:24

In late-2016 Civitas Social Housing announced plans for an IPO to raise £250-£350m to invest in approx 9 social housing portfolios located throughout southern England and the Midlands leased to Housing Associations on 10-40 year leases with rents indexed annually to CPI + 1%, with the aim of allowing the developers to free up capital to invest in additional developments. The prospectus announced plans to target a 5% dividend (3% initially), which it expected to increase broadly in line with inflation.

Civitas REIT Website Link

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Drum Income Plus - (Diversified DRIP UK)
Tuesday, 22 March 2016 21:35

Drum Property Group (established 2004), set-up the Drum Income Plus REIT / DREIT in mid-2015 to own a diversified portfolio of higher yielding, smaller size commercial properties in the £2m-£15m range leased to FTSE100 tenants in prime locations with high pedestrian traffic and good transport links. It quickly assembled a portfolio of almost ten properties with over 70 tenants worth about £40m. It is managed by Drum Real Estate Investment Management / DREIM.

Drum Income Plus Website Link

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Regional REIT - (UK Diversified ALLIPO)
Wednesday, 04 November 2015 03:17

In late-2015 Regional was established by London & Scottish Investments and Toscafund Asset Management via the merger of two existing funds, and raised £80m at IPO to acquire £274m of a 128-property diversified portfolio worth £386m of office and industrial assets in major regional centres and urban areas outside of London.



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AEW UK REIT - (UK Diversified AEWU)
Thursday, 22 October 2015 04:02

AEW UK REIT was established as a closed-ended investment fund in mid-2015 and quickly assembled a £77m portfolio (including about £9.75m in AEW UK's Core Property Fund), of smaller £5m-£15m sector diversified commercials across the UK, including the October purchase of 3 industrial warehouses lease to Nationwide Crash Repair Centres with 65.5k sqft in Swinton, Mossley and Milton Keynes. The investment manager is AEW UK Investment Management.

AEW Europe Website Link

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