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Cayman Island REITs
Allianz Pan Asian REITs Fund Segregated Portfolio - (Cayman Islands ETF APAREAU)
Monday, 29 September 2014 02:48

Allianz launched the open-ended Cayman Islands based Pan Asian REITs Fund Segregated Portfolio at end-2012, to invest in Asian Pacific REITs, and shares and bonds in listed real-estate companies.

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Al Salam Asia REIT Fund - (Cayman Islands ETF - ASAREFU)
Monday, 29 September 2014 02:40

In early-2014, Bahrain's Al Salam Bank / ASBB announced plans to set-up and sponsor the Al Salam Asia REIT Fund as the world’s first Shari’a-compliant Asian REIT fund, with an initial portfolio of  15 to 35 positions, managed by B&I Capital (based in Zurich with an office in Singapore, and 50 years Asian experience). Interestingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, is the fact that ASBB was a cornerstone investor in Sabana in 2010 when it listed (Singapore Industrials - Link, as the world’s first Shari’a compliant REIT.

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