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Finnish REITs
Citycon - (Finland - Retail - TY2:GR)
Saturday, 10 December 2016 21:15

Citycon is a Finnish retail REIT focused on the ownership of shopping centers in Nordic European countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia that provides exposure to Nordic European countries which are doing better economically than the European average with some of the strongest demographic growth in European capital cities. The shopping centers are of high quality, grocery store anchored, and conservatively financed.

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Aventum Global & Asia REIT Plus Funds - (Finland Investment House CEASRET+CELGREI)
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 08:33

Aventum (est 2003), design & operate several real estate funds, including the Aventum Global REIT fund, and the Aventum Asia REIT Plus Fund, that has includes developers and / or REITs such as SP Setia; Sun Hung Kai Properties; CapitaCommercial; China Overseas Land; Henderson; Cheung Kong; Hongkong Land; and CapitaLand. Aventum Partners is a leading, independent, partner-owned provider of financial advisory & investment banking services, and Aventum Asset Management (a subsidiary of Aventum Partners), a privately owned investment manager with separate client-focused portfolios, which invests in the public equity, fixed income & alternative markets across the globe, and offer a wide range of real estate the transaction services and real estate related M&A and capital market services: financing (including sale-and-leasebacks); restructurings; and valuations, which has executed more than 60 M&A and capital market transactions worth approx 7bn. Since 2012, Aventum Asset Man has been a subsidiary of UB Fund Management.

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Orava Asuntorahasto Residential / OREIT - (Finland Residential OMX)
Friday, 03 January 2014 03:52

Orava Asuntorahasto Residential "Squirrel Housing Fund" became the first Finnish REIT in late-2010 (listed late-2013), with a portfolio of about 650 apartments in major cities across the country including the:Lahden Helkalanhovi, Poikkikatu 4, Hameenlinnan Aulangontie, Haminan Tervaniemi, Lindhearst & Nurmijarven Puurata, among others. Orava Asuinkiinteistorahasto Oyj is a subsidiary of Orava Rahastot Oyj.

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