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Romanian REITs
New Europe Property Investments / NEP - (UK Diversified European NEPI)
Monday, 30 December 2013 04:58

New Europe Property Investments / NEP+NEPI is a fully integrated & internally-managed, Romanian focused (but with some assets in Germany and views to expand geographically), UK listed, commercial property company that buys (wholly or substantial stakes), develops and leases shopping centres (approx 180k sqm), and opportunistically acquires industrials (approx 25k sqm), and offices (approx 100k sqm), leased in Euros to investment grade tenants, and with an active development pipeline. It has expanded in portfolio (2008-2012), from about 30-40 properties with 90k-280k sqm of space, worth €85m-€445m. It was registered in 2007 in Isle of Man and listed before relisting on the Johannesburg SE & Bucharest SE, and then the LSE AIM market.

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