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Monday, 25 July 2011 10:35

Academic Courses : - Because it is so comprehensive, but so relatively quick to study, a good place to start is the Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance (CREIF), which is a foundation course on property investment that provides an analysis of real estate investment, asset management, fund management, applied valuation techniques and finance and investments structures for the real estate market. Individuals who successfully complete the requirements in the 4 areas of study receive a Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance. Short course training is an alternative, but they each only focus on individual workshops with topics that include : -

  • How to Maximise Performance using Asset Management Strategies
  • Enhancing Returns through Fund Management
  • How to Construct and Manage an Investment Portfolio
  • Structured Finance for Real Estate Investment
  • Managing Property Investments Risk
  • Cross Border Real Estate Investing
  • Optimising Capital Structures and Maximising Share Value
  • Evaluating Financial Statements and Fixed Income Securities
  • Comparing and Contrasting Property Valuation to Capital Market Valuation Models



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