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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 03:37

S-REIT were introduced in 2002 as Collective Investment Schemes or Business Trusts which must pay out net profit as dividends; hold at least 75% of assets in income-producing real estate (with no more than 10% of revenue coming from non-rental income); have at least 500 public shareholders that own a combined 25%; have at least S$1m in assets; be managed by an approved Trustee, and external Singapore based corporate manager. S-REITs are exempt from Stamp Duty, and foreign non-resident investors pay only 10% withholding tax on dividends.


"Regulatory Structure Legal Form: An S-REIT must be formed as a trust. There is no minimum initial capital required for S-REITs. An S-REIT may be managed externally or internally, but in practice all are externally managed. Under the SFA, the management company is required to be a public company incorporated in Singapore. In addition, the manager should have a physical office in Singapore and have minimal capital funds of S$1 million (US$0.78 million)."

Source: Prof. Alex Anh Khoi Pham - University of Western Sydney: The Development of REIT Markets in Asia (1/1/2014) - Link.


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