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Intervest Offices & Warehouses – (Belgium INTO/IJY)
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 07:44

Interest Offices & Warehouses was established in 1996 as Immo Airway before changing its name to PeriFund in 1999 and becoming a property investment fund, and changing its name again to Intervest Offices in 2001. It focuses on "high-quality, up-to-date offices and warehouses leased to first-class tenants" in buildings concentrated along the Antwerp – Brussels artery, with a portfolio comprising about 65% offices (15No. properties with approx 215ksqm worth about €365m) and 35% of semi-industrials, logistics and high-tech properties (12No. properties with approx 320k sqm worth about €175m) or approx €550m in total (2011). It has grown over the years mostly via acquisitions: the merger by absorption of Catian, Innotech, Greenhill Campus and Mechelen, VastNed Group companies, and in kind capital increase of the De Arend, Sky Building and Gateway House (2001); the merger by absorption of Siref, Apibi, Mechelen Campus, Merchtem Cargo Center, Pakobi and Puurs Logistic Center (2002); the  merger by absorption of Mechelen Campus 2, Mechelen Campus 4, Mechelen Campus 5 and Perion II (2005); the merger by absorption of Zuidinvest and Mechelen Campus 3 (2007); the merger by absorption of Herentals Logistic Center (2008); the merger by absorption of Edicorp (2009); and the merger by absorption of West – Logistics, and MGMF Limburg (2011). It has also engaged in some logistics development.

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