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Thursday, 28 February 2013 03:13

Markets India In December 2007, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) issued the long awaited draft regulations on Real Estate Investment Trusts for public comments. Based on the public consultation, the SEBI determined that Indian REITs should be established in the form of mutual funds, of which the legal framework has existed. In April 2008, the SEBI further amended the existing SEBI Mutual Fund Regulation to incorporate Real Estate Mutual Funds (REMFs), the Indian model of REITs. Currently, there is as yet any REMF to be established in India. However, there is a number of Real Estate Private Equity Funds (REPEFs) providing access to India’s property market.

Source: Prof. Alex Anh Khoi Pham - University of Western Sydney: The Development of REIT Markets in Asia (1/1/2014) - Link.

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